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Rent the stuff you need from someone local to you.

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Borrow Items

Search for the item you need and find one near you that is suitable. Then you simply request to rent it through the website. The lender then approves and you arrange when to meet to handover.

Lend Items

Join others who are making thousands of pounds per month by lending out their items. Start by listing them with just a few easy steps. Your items are fully insured up to $30,000 per item.

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London Lens Hire

Being a photographer doesn’t mean you have to own every possible lens imaginable. And nor should it - not when you can instead rent a camera lens on Fat Lama from a whole community of photographers around London. And as you’re borrowing from your fellow photographers, you might get some tips and advice thrown in for good measure...

A wide range of lenses to experiment with

For lens rental, London gives you an open door to a cheaper method of trying out new photography equipment and experimenting with different techniques; all without spending your entire pay cheque. Whether you’re dying to play with a prime lens or a you’re a studio photographer trialing a macro instead, lens hire is your gateway to a whole world of photography exploration.

A lens for a one-off event

So you’ve got a last-minute shoot coming up and you need a cine lens. Or maybe you need a Canon telephoto lens for a wildlife photography weekend trip away? These things may be difficult to find, especially last minute, but not with Fat Lama. Chances are there’s someone in your London borough that has those very lenses for hire which would otherwise be sitting at the bottom of their camera bag.

How am I protected as a lender?

We understand that camera lenses are pricey and deserve to be well looked after. That’s why lens rental on the platform is covered by our insurance and comprehensive lender insurance policy. Phew, what a relief - time to rent out your lenses!

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